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Through Hole Assembly

Through Hole Assembly

Selective Solder

With solder-swappable lead and lead free baths, our Pillarhouse selective solder can accurately solder the finest through hole on one and two-sided assemblies, with as small as a 1.5mm nozzle to get in those hard to reach, densely populated areas. The equipment’s refinement provides an extremely repeatable solder joint, with every one being fully customizable.
Hand Rework

Hand Solder

For smaller jobs and one-off projects, we have experts in hand soldering that can solder any joint with precision and accuracy. Utilizing Weller and Hakko equipment, we have a wide variety of solder stations and tip sizes that can provide as much (or as little) heat as needed.

PCB wash

Our Aquastorm wash is used to wash off water-soluble fluxes used in certain assemblies, or as requested by the customer. Using a water heater and filtration circulation system, it ensures that all flux is de-activated and washed away, followed by a heated dry.

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