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SMT Assembly

SMT Assembly line

Fully Loaded Assembly Lines

SHA has three full-function assembly lines, each with a printer, two pick and place assembly machines, a manual assembly station, and a re-flow oven. This provides the most streamlined approach to keep your products moving down the assembly line and into your hands.

Latest Technologies

Equipped with the best in PCB assembly equipment, our machines are the heart of our success. Our extensive experience with Samsung technology has proven their equipment the most accurate, and fast-paced, in the industry. We confidently assemble components from as small as 01005 to nearly any BGA. We can also handle tall components.

X-Ray Parts Counter

With our X-Ray counter, we can get an exact count of parts in build kits with a minimal margin of error. This not only saves time but ensures parts don’t run out.

SMT Pick & Place
As the heart of our assembly lines, our Samsung equipment is among the best in the world. With speeds of up to 40,000 component placements per hour and extreme reliability, we can place just about everything.
Stencil Printers
Our automated stencil printers bring a repeatable level that is uncompromised. With automatic alignment and a constant pressure/speed, we cant print even the finest of components onto PCBs without error. This, of course, goes hand in hand with using the best solder paste and high quality stencils.
Solder Reflow
With two eight zone and one five zone oven and profiling capabilities, we have dialed in our reflow process. We have customized profiles for every type of PCB and solder paste, and can work with custom profiling requests to really dial in the efficiency of solder reflow.
Automated Inspection
AOI is short for Automated Optical Inspection, and is vital equipment that ensures our finished products are defect-free, looking over each individual component placement and solder joint. on every PCB. By using AOI in conjunction with physical inspection, we can make sure that the customer is getting the highest quality assembly possible.
Our 2D X-Ray is crucial in confirming alignment of particular components, such as BGAs, as well as checking for solder and fabrication defects in assembled products. It gives an in-depth look through the PCB to reveal what the eye can’t see.
PCB Router & Cutter
We can de-panel a variety of PCBs using a router based system, as well as a blade style slicer. This gives us the ability to cut v-score and other custom routed panels/arrays.

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