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PCB Depaneling

                            SHA offers PCB de-paneling as an additional service to PCB assembly, or as a standalone service.

Pre-scored PCB depaneling

Our guillotine-style PCB depaneler can handle pre-scored assemblies with ease.  It provides a clean cut, with no threads hanging off the edges.  This method is used only for scored PCBs.

router depaneling

Our router depaneler is perfect for PCB assemblies that do not have scoring or mouse bites, but instead have solid tabs.  It can be adjusted to different clearances depending on the PCB spacing in the array, and leaves perfectly flush edges once cut.

manual depaneling

For jobs that require a different method of separating PCBs, we have manual tools that can serve the purpose and give a clean final appearance without endangering or over-stressing the PCB assembly.