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Harnesses and Test Boxes

SHA produces high quality harnesses and automotive test boxes for use in the field.  We have a full-service shop in our building dedicated to wiring and custom enclosure needs.  Let us know what we can do for you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Wire Harnesses

SHA’s capabilities in the harness department are expansive.  We can produce a large variety of harness types and sizes, and have a semi-automatic terminal crimper, as well as wire cutting and stripping equipment.  We also house a variety of wire in-house to save on acquisition time for material.

Test Boxes

SHA has the ability to fully produce test boxes for different uses, such as airbag or vehicle systems testing.  We have the ability to route out custom openings in metal enclosures, and can fully wire and assemble hardware on them.  Using our vinyl plotter, we can also create fully customized labels and wraps for the enclosures/final assemblies.