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Our 6 Samsung SMT Pick and Place machines are of the latest generation, utilizing electronic “smart” feeders, that reduce component waste and increase efficiency and accuracy in placement.  In addition, they can place a wide variety of parts, including BGA, aluminum capacitors, connectors, and other custom parts.

Convection Reflow oven

Our 2 Samsung Convection reflow ovens have 8 zones that are profiled to accommodate a wide variety of solder types.  We have standard lead and lead free profiles, each with profiles for PCBs of varying thickness and component density.  For a fee, we can also make a custom profile for your application using our M.O.L.E. profiler.

We also have a third ERSA 5 zone reflow oven available in our shop.

automatic stencil printer

Our Yamaha and MPM  automatic stencil printers allow us to apply solder paste to the PCB with the highest level of accuracy.  It automatically aligns the PCB to the stencils we procure, and applies paste at a predetermined rate, and with a uniform spread every time.  Our Yamaha printer also boasts post-print inspection to verify no shorts are present before the PCB goes to assembly.


SHA is currently in the process of acquiring an AOI machine to even further the level of detailed inspection we can put into your product.


Our Pillarhouse selective solder can effortlessly apply flux and solder to through hole locations on PCBs.  This includes soldering onto double-sided PCBs that have already been through SMT assembly.  We have nozzles ranging from 1.5mm to 14mm for varying applications.  Expect a consistent and uniform solder quality on every PCB that goes through our selective solder process. Lead and lead free capable.

wave solder

Our Electrovert wave solder is excellent for high volume jobs, either with single sided PCBs or custom fixtures to send double-sided assemblies through in.  Our machine has the ability to pre-flux and preheat the PCBs before passing through the wave of molten solder.  Leaded solder option only.

pcb washer

Our Aquastorm PCB washer is used for water soluble solder applications that require a water wash after assembly.  The heated and filtered water is used to wash off all of the flux residue, followed by a heated dry to remove all moisture, leaving a spotless PCB assembly every time.

2d x-ray

Our 2D X-Ray allows us to view underneath components to ensure alignment of parts that have been placed.  This is most common with BGA applications or connectors that have legs hidden underneath.  We make good use of this machine during our inspection process and before reflowing BGA components.

hot air rework station

Our hot air rework station is used for placing or replacing BGAs during our QC process, or during rework/modification jobs.  This equipment allows precise heating profiles to be applied with custom nozzles in order to remove, replace, or repair an endless variety of parts from PCB assemblies.

Hand Soldering stations

Hand soldering is used for smaller jobs that don’t require much through hole.  Our technicians our trained in the industry standards to form uniform solder joints that safely secure the part to the assembly.

automatic wire cutter

SHA’s automated wire cutter can cut and strip wired to a user-determined profile at an astounding rate.  This is used in the preparation of wire harnesses to make sure that every wire is cut and stripped to exactly the same specifications.

semi-automatic crimper

Our semi-automated crimper can be used in harness assemblies to create a perfect crimp of a terminal onto a wire end.  Using custom dies, we can make an applicator to fit a wide variety of pins used in the industry.

Mini-Wave Rework

Our mini wave solder pot is perfect for reworking through hole connectors in a variety of situations.  Many customers need through hole parts changed but don’t have the time to de-solder by hand or don’t want to burn the board with a heat gun.  This tool gives us the ability to make those repairs without damaging the board.

Standalone hot air oven

The standalone hot air oven is used to bake chips that need moisture removed.  If we receive customer parts for a build that have already been opened, we bake them in our oven to ensure the highest integrity of the part before placing it onto a PCB.

reel counter and label maker

Our reel counter allows us to keep an accurate inventory of incoming jobs, as well as of our own in-house inventory.  We use this to check in customer supplied parts in order to verify that we have enough for the build.  

Our label maker can print labels with the updated quantities.

vinyl plotter

SHA’s Roland vinyl plotter is used to create custom labels and barcodes for production jobs, as well as test boxes for a variety of customers. We offer in-house design services to create the labels alongside our building the job.